Walter’s Run 5k


Adult 5k - Dec. 8th 2013 11am

Little Kids' 1k Race - 10:40 AM

West Roxbury/Roslindale YMCA
15 Bellevue St. West Roxbury, MA


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Little Kids' Race

The Little Kids' Race is an annual Walter's Run tradition.  Kids 10 and younger are encouraged to race the out and back 1k (~1/3 mile) course.  Ribbons and candy canes are awarded to all Kids Race participants.  This is a fun and festive event and not overly competitive. 

The Kids' Race starts and finishes at the same spot at the 5k. The timing of the Kids' Race is designed so a parent can do both. Cheer on the kids and then your family can see you off at the start line and wait for you at the finish or stay toasty in the gym while you run.

The Kids' Race is free.  Go to our Registration page to Register online (sign-up fees are waived) or to print out a paper application.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  Lots more Kids' Race photos available.

The kids line up at the start...

... and they're off!

Santa gets ready for the Kid's Race -- he's got candy canes, sneakers and official
Walter's Run mittens!

Heading towards the turnaround - led by Boston's finest!

Full speed ahead!

A little help from Mom

Candy Canes for all!

The winner!


They ran ...


... He didn't

Ribbons for all