Boston’s Best Holiday Race in our First Virtual year!

Calling all friends far and wide, in this spirit we ask for your continued support of the Parkway Community by registering for Walter’s Run Virtual Edition.

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More on what Walter’s Run means to the Parkway Community:

Remember 2019 when the biggest challenges facing Walter’s Run were our signature winter hats lost by the shipping company, finding a spot for the Girls On The Run team who’s race was cancelled on them and sharing the Irish Social Club space with a dance recital?

What we wouldn’t give to have those challenges again in 2020. But instead- like with everything else in 2020, Walter’s Run has been forced to adapt and go virtual.

We know, ANOTHER virtual race…UGH. But Walter’s Run is so MUCH more than a race, it really is a community event whose support is vital to the Parkway Community and our three charitable organizations – The Boston Globe Santa, Parkway Community YMCA and the Walter Burgess Scholarship Fund.

This year when the pandemic cancelled the Centrowitz Running Camp, Walter’s Run allocated the scholarship funds to purchase gift certificates to support local Parkway businesses.

Calling all friends far and wide, it is in this spirit that we ask for your continued support for Walter’s Run and the Parkway Community by registering for the 26th running of Walter’s Run in our first Virtual Edition.

Last year, we closed our race recap with the following and we can’t think of better words: Not all obstacles have to be debacles. Smile, take a breath, be a good neighbor in your community, find respectful solutions that pay it forward, and make it happen. That is what Walter Burgess would have done and that is why we continue to hold the Walter’s Run 5k in his name.

Be Safe & Be Well, Parkway Running Club

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